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It has been over 6 months since I completed my prayer ministry sessions with Brian Headley. I couldn't recommend prayer counseling enough. I started going out of desperation in a time of deep anxiety and emotional collapse, but I had been experiencing symptoms for most of my life: irrational fears, loneliness, striving for perfection, and wounded relationships. I was a loyal follower of God, but I did not understand how He felt about me, had many mistaken views of how He related to me, and was afraid of Him. What was particularly helpful about going to prayer counseling was that a safe space was provided to share my heart. Brian did not make any attempt to solve my problems or "heal" me himself; I was simply led into an encounter with Jesus who would touch and heal my heart more deeply than any human could. Through these times, I learnt how to listen to Jesus so that I came to a point where I didn't depend on the prayer sessions any more, but on Jesus in my day-to-day encounters and conversations with Him. I left these sessions with a deep intimacy with God; I experience Him as a dear Friend, a Father, a Constant Companion, my Healer. The times I had with Him during the sessions have resulted in restored relationships, a deep peace and restful heart-state, and an affirmation and love for myself. I am more creative, more playful, and more comfortable in my own skin. While I still struggle at times-I am not perfect yet by any means!-I feel secure and at rest in my day-to-day journey with my Father.
Nicola Prigge, student, Trinity Western University

I met Della Headley in June of 2009 when my counselor from Ft. St. John referred me to her. During my first "one-week intensive" ministry time, I sensed the presence of God right away. I was convinced that this is where I would be made whole. My husband and I were looking for a retirement location at the time so we moved to Mission to continue with my ministry time with Della. Since 2009 I have had ongoing ministry. I have had a lot of deep emotional and spiritual healing during the sessions. Della totally depends on Jesus every step of the way. Its Jesus that leads our sessions. Some of the stuff that was exposed is not very nice but nothing baffles Della. She always has so much grace. I feel totally safe with her, as layers of wounding are peeled off. I am grateful.
Dorothy Peresini, wife, mother, grandmother

I have known Brian and Della Headley for 8 years. I have attended 2 of their Healing the Hearts of Children Weekends and invited many to join me. I have been inspired and encouraged by Della's vision and ministry with children and was honored to receive some coaching with Della before taking her model of Play and Pray to an orphanage in Mexico. I have also received personal ministry from both Brian and Della throughout the years and have met the Lord in powerful ways with the help of their insight and guidance. Brian and Della listen to and respond to the Holy Spirit with integrity and wisdom. They make room for Him to speak into and heal the hearts, minds and lives of others. I have learned much from them about how to communicate my needs to others in love and how to hear the hearts of others and respond with God's heart. I know that my life has been transformed by God's hand through their ministry and I continue to recommend their counsel to many of my friends and their children.
Cathy Carder, teacher

Della helped me as a parent through issues that surfaced as a result of the adoption of our son. She gave me tools that have helped my husband and I as parents and helped our son with his emotions. Jesus met us in our family bringing understanding and opening the doors of communication. The tools Della has given us are empowering us to respond with compassion and love and the issues we were facing are melting away. It is an answer to prayer to look in the face of my son and see his joyful smile and hear his spontaneous laughter again.
Rhonda Davison, mother

Comments from the Listening Prayer Seminar II
"It was wonderful to have three people listening to me. Unexpected personal issues arose and were sensitively dealt with, cleansing my spirit. I was drained but emotionally connected to Jesus, not just intellectually as before."

"What a healing experience. Personally, I was deeply moved by the experience of having others minister to me in a sensitive way. Once again God drew near and enabled me to deal with "stuff" I thought I had dealt with long ago."

"Some of us were surprised, when, in the prayer ministry times we were reminded of incidents, sometimes long past and long forgotten, which had hurt us deeply...It was a deeply revealing, challenging, and ultimately healing time."

"As the days of the "Listening Prayer Seminar II" drew nearer, I became acutely aware that the Lord was preparing a meeting place with Him for me. First of all, I want to say that the "worst" and the "best" things happened for me there. I am still in pilgrimage: wounds have to be lanced before they can heal. It is amazing what we can stuff down without dealing with it or holding it to the light. That is where those precious people from the prayer teams guided us gently and helped us to allow ourselves to open long shut doors.
For me, it presented just a start. But I am convinced that the Lord will walk with me as I allow myself to discover root wounding and lies....He will never uncover hidden wounds and leave us bleeding. It may be for "a little while," but there is healing ahead. He offers forgiveness, where we forgive. Healing where wounds are exposed, freedom where doors open; doors we mostly shut ourselves because we could not deal with the pain...His promises stand irrevocable for you and me: He will never leave me nor forsake me. They will always lead to life and freedom (He sets the captives free), brings peace and joy.
In Isaiah 61 the Lord proclaims the year of the Lord's favor, you can read it for yourself. I claim it and encourage you to go on your own pilgrimage of healing."

Comments from Healing the Hearts of Children
We work in a Christian child care and preschool and are excited to start using our new skills!
The parents in our facility are excited; we already pray for their children and are excited we can help their families further through listening prayer!
Pre-school director.

The most important part of the conference to me was the teaching on the sensitive child. Sensitive people tend to almost be punished for being who they are, rather than being received as a gift to the body of Christ. God gives us sensitive people for a reason. So many children are misunderstood by their parents and their siblings and enter adulthood apologizing for just being who they are. Sensitive children need to be loved and listened to, not treated like an inconvenience.
There were many insights into the heart of the child that promote a greater sensitivity to children and greater ability to love them and to help them to become all that God created them to be. This is important teaching that we all need to grasp and apply.
Children's pastor.

I appreciated the clarity with which the teaching was done. The vital research, stories and ministry to the often overlooked children, was superb. By ministry I mean, soul care, not simply; changing diapers, singing songs or doing crafts or sports with, or for children from infants to 12 years of age. We need to truly giving credence to the fact that they are so much more in touch with our Maker than we and that we need to keep our ear to the ground and simply say:” Tell me more, John or Sarah"...
It was very helpful to hear the talk on the sensitive child, because how can one be an intercessor apart from having been a sensitive child? I believe strongly though, that despite that many of us were misunderstood for 40 years and experienced a number of bruises and scrapes along the way, God was faithful behind the veil and continued to take us further than our mentors, teachers, etc. sometime. He alone knows where He can deposit what. May we continue to thirst in the midst of the Mystery.
Pastor of Prayer and Spiritual Formation

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