The Listening Prayer Community School

Heart to Heart Relationships
April 24 - June 12, 2012

Eight weeks of learning how to connect heart to heart with others. What does it means to distinguish between the defenses of the mind and the doorways of the heart? How do you stay present when another is resisting the warmth of the heart? What language and skills do you need to maintain intimacy with your loved ones? How would one communicate and stay present in conflict while listening to Jesus?

Cost: $80/person, $150/couple
Textbook: Non Violent Communication: The Language of Compassion by Marshall Rosenberg
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The Listening Prayer Healing School
Learning to Live from the Heart with Jesus
A Listening Prayer Community Growth Experience

There are two sessions of the Healing School

Classes held at:

Maple Ridge Community Church
301--20450 Dewdney Trunk Road
Maple Ridge, BC

Session I: Listening to Jesus to Heal Your Past

Ten weeks of receiving healing for the past by tracking habits, patterns and issues to their root and examining our walls of defense. We will invite Jesus into the places of shame, fear, confusion, invalidation, defilement, overwhelming burdens, sadness, guilt and abandonment. You will be invited to allow Jesus into your personal world in a way that is safe and healing. Jesus wants to connect you to your Heavenly Father so that you are able to feel accepted in his presence. There will be times of teaching, soaking and healing prayer.
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Session II: Listening to Jesus to Find the Real You

Ten weeks of listening to Jesus for restoration of your identity, including: Breaking repetitious patterns of behaviour, disarming the family style, releasing the family baggage, discovering your authentic self and your true identify, moving from shame to nurture, maintaining healthy confidence, accepting the journey into joy, and catching a vision of your future. Teaching, soaking and healing prayer.
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The Listening Prayer School of Prayer Ministry Training

During the healing school prayer ministry teams are trained and released to do healing prayer. Topics covered include: Listening Prayer ministry model, Spiritual warfare, development of listening skills, ministry into dreams, breaking of soul ties, healing the family’s style and ministry into pre-natal wounding, generational sin, painful memory, trauma & abuse.
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Brian and Della Headley

Listening Prayer School for Healing:
$150 per 10-week session

Listening Prayer School for Prayer Ministry Training:
$100 per 10-week session

Heart to Heart Relationships
$80/individual per 8-week session, $150/couple

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