Frequent Asked Questions

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What is Prayer Ministry and How Does it Work?
Prayer ministry is listening to Jesus and allowing him to heal emotional woundings, speak to difficult questions, or to speak his own healing word into your confusion. Jesus himself is the healer.

What is the Listening Prayer Community School?
A season to grow more comfortable with your heart and the hearts of others

Why Attend the Listening Prayer Community School?
You have asked us for a place to discover more of your heart.

We observe that many people need a place where their healing can continue following their Seminar II weekend with us.

In order for us to fully enjoy life, we need some practical coaching in the area of listening to our hearts and to the heart of Jesus on a day to day basis.

In order to fully enjoy life, we need a bonded, joyful relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the heavenly Father and his community on earth.

In order for us to find emotional intimacy with others and stay with it, we need support in perspective, attitude, experience and practice.

In order for us to understand intimacy with others, we need a safe place to experiment with the tools and skills of authentic spiritual health.

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