Brian and Della Headley are full time pastors, teachers and prayer ministers with the Listening Prayer Community in Mission, BC, since 2004. They also write articles for the Listening Prayer Community blog.

They have served as pastors for 22 years in the church and spent 8 years as pastoral prayer counselors with Elijah House Canada. Brian has a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. Della has a Masters degree in Maternal Child Nursing.

They have been married for 39 years and have 5 children and 7 grandchildren.

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We have known Brian and Della for 10 years. Prior to meeting them we had heard that they had helped five individuals that we knew to better cope with life and its vicissitudes. They had a sterling reputation with the people that we knew in ministry and were well regarded by everyone that we had occasion to talk to about them.
We arranged with them to conduct a “listening prayer” seminar at our church. The seminar was professionally presented and run with lots of hands-on-ministry and prayer with individuals. Our debriefing with the participants after the session was unanimous in praise for the ministry and the teaching. Recently one of our leadership team experienced a personal failure and we sent him and his wife to the Headley’s for a number of sessions of personal ministry and prayer. Again they conducted themselves with professionalism and grace. The couple we sent were both helped greatly through the sessions and are again able to look forward to life and love together. Brian's report back to the leadership team was caring and considerate of the couple yet dealt with the issues pertinent to us as leaders. In short, we are grateful for the ministry of the Headleys and will have no hesitation in sending others to them for ministry in the future.
Randy & Christine Emerson
Pastors, Cloverdale Christian Fellowship, Surrey, BC

I cannot begin to express the deep gratitude I feel toward God for having come to know the Headley’s. They are like “the treasure hidden in the field”, “a pearl of great price” and the time I spent with them I would not exchange for the world. The things that stick out in my mind are their total commitment to the Body of Christ, their loving trust in Divine Providence and their ever-present joy. I believe that God has healed me in the areas I sought healing when I came to them. It is not only what they taught but how much they loved that has brought healing to my heart. I am hoping to go and teach what I have learned to others overseas.
Sister Jessica Moreau
Founder of an overseas ecclesial Catholic Community

I have known Brian and Della Headley at least 18 years and have been both encouraged and inspired by them. I had originally met them to do the Elijah House Christian Counseling training and found their teaching and mentorship both compassionate and enriching. I have also done the listening prayer training with Brian and Della and have co-ministered in different situations with them. Their humility and love for Jesus appears to be their guiding light. This is something that I admire and desire to emulate. The result of this is, lives are changed by their ministry. I am one of those lives. I cannot even begin to count the things that I have learned from Brian and Della both by their character and their teaching.
I am now a counselor myself and have used Della as a consultant. Her experience and compassion has been invaluable to me and to my clients. Her work, especially with clients experiencing severe dissociation is ground breaking. I have personally witnessed clients have change through her intervention when other interventions were not successful. I know that Della would defer that to the power of God. I would say that it is the power of God working through a wiling and humble servant who listens well and obeys. I continue to value Brian and Della's influence in this community and many other communities as they continue to teach, minister and inspire. They never give up believing that "His Kingdom come His will be done , on earth as it is in Heaven". It is a pleasure to endorse them as they are like gold in the Kingdom and in this needy world.
Mary Chow, BNSc, MA, CCC, RCC
New Hope Counseling, Maple Ridge, BC

I met Brian and Della over 6 years ago when they began to train people for prayer ministry at our church. Over the years I have attended many of their personal healing and training seminars and learned much. Their courses are always well taught with the wisdom and many insights and understandings they have gained through years of ministry, which they are always willing to pass on. Of greatest benefit to me personally were the sessions of personal ministry that I was privileged to observe during an internship and the times I was able to bring someone to them for supervision while I led the ministry session. At some point I also became aware of my own need for ministry and Della was more than willing to help me deal with long-standing issues with performance orientation. We all carry "baggage" from our past; none of us has escaped being wounded, burdened or deceived in some way so I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from receiving prayer ministry with Brian or Della.
Hazel Reimer, BA, MA (Biblical Counseling)
Prayer Minister

Brian and Della Headley are among the most effective prayer ministers that I've ever encountered. Having initially looked to them for help in cases where someone's brokenness was apparently beyond my help, I approached them for mentoring. Through the course of an internship, I witnessed and experienced firsthand the healing power of Jesus to lift burdens, remove lies and break bondages in even the most deeply wounded individuals. Now after years of working with them, I can confidently share their "big secret" ... they consistently defer to the voice and presence of Jesus, even when their enormous knowledge and experience would tempt them to make assumptions. This dependence on asking Jesus how to proceed throughout their entire prayer sessions (i.e. "listening prayer") is where they get their spiritual authority. As the person who has spent the most hours observing their practice and testing it theologically, I can affirm their integrity and character. There is long-term testimony of good fruit from their ministry.
Brad Jersak, MA (Biblical Studies), M.Div., PhD
Fresh Wind Christian Fellowship, Abbotsford, BC
Author: Can You Hear Me?, Children Can You Hear Me?, Fear No Evil, Rivers from Eden, Shades, Kissing the Leper, Stricken by God?, Her Gates Will Never Be Shut

I have known Brian and Della Headley for many years and have seen them sacrificially minister to people in need that other ministers did not have the desire or courage to help. There are very few people that I trust in this sinful world but I trust Brian and Della and have always found them to be very honest and ethical in all that they have done. I am proud to consider them friends and fellow ministers of the gospel. Brian and Della are definitely soldiers for Christ!
Preston T. Bailey, PhD, D.Min.
Pastor, Tampa Florida.
Author: Spiritual Warfare: Defeating the Forces of Evil

I have known Brian and Della Headley for 40 years as friends and fellow ministers. Their commitment to Christ and his body is total and with nothing but unreserved desire for personal growth in each individual they counsel. I have always found them to be prayerful and wise people in the exercise of their ministries. Brian and Della are both of impeccable character and I know few people that I would so unhesitatingly vouch for and trust for counsel and friendship. If you have need for any further reference, please feel free to call me (1-714-828-8719).
Dr. Michael Bradaric, ThM, DMin
Lead Pastor, Magnolia Baptist Church, Anaheim, CA
Regional Minister
North American Baptist Conference of Southern California

I have known Brian and Della Headley socially and professionally, in friendship and as colleagues in pastoral ministry, for over 15 years. Over those years I have observed them in many different situations and roles; as husband and wife, parents, leaders, coworkers, prayer ministers and as a brother and sister in Christ with whom I have given and received the grace of God. I have known them to consistently live according to the leading of God’s Spirit and in the humility and graciousness that comes from this. God has given them a ministry to the broken and oppressed and I greatly admire their courage and steadfastness to pursue this calling – even at great personal cost. It is my prayer to agree with God that through His enabling grace Brian and Della would continue advancing His Kingdom, in spite of opposition. I can be contacted at Godislight@telus.net.
Michael R. Wilson, BA, M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology)
Former Elijah House Prayer Minister
Christian and Missionary Alliance Pastor

We have known Brian and Della Headley for ten years. As local church pastors we have trusted them to lead prayer ministry in our past church as well as our present church at the Bridge and we recommend people to them for personal ministry. We have appreciated their servant hearts in many capacities. They minister out of God's deep compassion, kindness and gentleness and we have seen much fruit. In all the years that we have known them, they have shown integrity and carefully follow the Word of God. Their goal is to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and to lead people to relationship with Jesus to receive healing and life. We have entrusted them to minister healing in the lives of our own children and have been blessed with what God has done through them.
Dean and Janine Richmond
Pastors of The Bridge Christian Fellowship International, Abbotsford, BC

I have known Brian & Della Headley for over 20 years and have watched them persevere through many challenges — they embody one of life’s most important character qualities; faithfulness. They have such big hearts for people and are completely trustworthy! I highly recommend them and their ministry!
Brian Doerksen
Pastor of The Bridge Christian Fellowship International, Abbotsford, BC
Worship leader, recording artist, and writer of Come Now is the Time to Worship

Regarding my years of association with Brian and Della Headley of Listening Prayer Community:
Few things give us more joy than to see one of our children do well in some area of life . Our oldest daughter Laurie struggled from an early age with health issues which combined to give her a pretty dim view of life in general. She found much of her solace in caring for young children - and she was good at it. She didn't marry and was not able to have children of her own (though recently she found her mate - but that's another story!). When life was at its darkest for Laurie, in some desperation she looked for counseling on her own.. She went away three times for week-long sessions with a counselor who was then with Elijah House Ministries - and she never looked back. One of the prime reasons she never looked back was that she was taken under the wings of Brian & Della Headley in Mission, BC. The Headley's evidently saw potential in Laurie to minister to others and gave her an assisting role at several of their ministry training seminars. Laurie continued to bloom and even though she has moved to another province in Canada, she has grown her gift with children to include ministering to and teaching the little ones so that they can hear from God themselves. For all this we are indebted to Brian & Della Headley for their input into Laurie's life and ministry and for their friendship; and we wholeheartedly endorse their character, their teaching and indeed their whole ministry.
Peter & Donna Jordan
Directors of YWAM Associates International (an alumni ministry to former missionaries).
Donna teaches extensively on Listening to God.
Peter is author of the book Re-Entry - Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home.

It has been a delight and an honor to have known Brian and Della Headley for over 10 years in a professional capacity as well as being privileged to call them my friends. My association with them began with sitting in some seminars they taught regarding healing the deep issues of the human heart and spirit. I progressed to taking the full course in ministry training they offered, and to this day it remains the single most valuable resource I rely upon when ministering pastorally to those in my congregation. Once, while undergoing a particularly dark season in my own life, I booked a “one week intensive” with Brian. The love of Father God manifested through Brian in those precious days remains truly foundational in my Christian walk. I am so grateful for the wisdom of God that is resident in both Brian and Della that has brought deep healing to myself, to every single person I have recommended to them (there have been many), and to entire congregations with whom I have shared many of the truths taught by them. Our entire community is greatly blessed to have such God anointed and appointed servants serving Him by blessing us!
Nothing could thrill me more than to add to the above comments to any person seeking further information on the character and ministries of Brian and Della Headley. Please call me if you wish more.
Ernie Culley
Senior Pastor, Life Center Community Church, Vancouver, BC

We are pleased to commend Della’s ministry, both as a trainer and as a conference speaker.
Jeanie has had the opportunity in 2004 in Abbotsford to attend a training seminar on “Hearing the Hearts of Children”. This seminar was both well presented and ministry changing. It has provided the tools and motivation both to recognize and encourage the ability of children to connect directly with God. This has been very exciting and spiritually maturing in our Sunday School classes.
We have more recently had Della come and speak as our main speaker at our Ness Lake Women’s Retreat. About 260 women from over 40 communities, various church affiliations and a variety of cultural backgrounds attended. We had several First Nations communities represented, and they identified well with Della’s story / parable style of presentation. One such lady reported that it was the first time she really understood how the Lord saw her and what it mean to be a part of His family. Even our more mature Christians appreciated the listening exercises that gave them an opportunity to receive the Lord’s encouragement directly. Some suggested that this was our best conference to date for them. Several others commented on the power of the story images presented to help them grasp gospel truths with new insight and clarity. We especially appreciated Della’s personal ministry to many women after the sessions. One woman shared how transforming and healing the personal prayer assignment Della wrote down was for her. Her friendliness and approachability was well received by our ladies, who only occasionally have the opportunity to talk with our speakers. As an organizer, Jeanie appreciated Della’s prayer and preparation several months before the retreat.
We have also used their personal prayer healing ministry. Henry has had the opportunity to meet with Brian, and found him encouraging, insightful and healing. Two of our young grand children (7&4 years), who have had the trauma of strife, violence and separation in their home, have enthusiastically enjoyed their prayer times with Della. “Mommy, we want to go back to Grandma’s friend who prays with children tomorrow!”
Henry & Jeanie Dunbar
Pastor, Hope Trinity Anglican Church, Mackenzie, BC

I have known Brian and Della for over 10 years now and have found them to be caring, warm, and genuine ministers of the gospel of Jesus. In my own times of personal crisis they have brought me to the cross and helped me receive the grace I needed from the Lord to move on in my Christian walk and personal wholeness. On countless occasions I have recommended my students to attend their seminars and receive counseling from the Headley’s ministry as well…with great results confirmed with: The word of the Lord through others, Scripture, Great and lasting fruit, and Personal growth . The end result always being Jesus lifted up and glorified in people’s lives for all to see!
I heartily recommend “The Listening Prayer Community” and Brian and Della Headley as an organization and as individuals who are there to see Jesus glorified, people trained to hear God’s voice, and to help people receive personal healing and restoration.
Murray Dueck
Pastor and Director of Samuel’s Mantle, Abbotsford, BC
Author: If This Were a Dream What Would it Mean?, Keepers of the Presence

It has been a privilege for me to have known Brian & Della for approximately 8 years. I have been a pastor and involved in ministry for close to forty years. Over the years I have seen a wide spectrum of clergymen, some very legalistic, judgemental & condemning, some very controlling , manipulative and self-serving, others like Brian & Della who have been wonderful godly pastors that truly reflect the heart of the Great Shepherd . The Lord has used Brian & Della to restore, encourage, and bring freedom to hundreds of people- many of them being pastors. They are an amazing couple who are constantly giving of themselves and serving the Body of Christ wherever they can. They have great integrity and are committed to the authority of God’s word in their personal lives and ministry.
Rev. Dwight Greiner B.
Director, Listening Prayer Community
Ordained with the Church of the Nazarene

If I choose one word to describe Brian and Della Headley, it would be people with integrity. I have known them for over 10 years in a variety of situations, starting with being a student under their teaching for Elijah House Schools. I continued on as student, prayer recipient, co-worker in their transitioning to the Listening Prayer Community, and then co-working in administrating the Listening Prayer schools, seminars and office, as a friend visiting their home and traveling with them as they participate in seminars or as a guest speaker. I am honored to serve as a member on the Board of Listening Prayer Community Ministries. I have witnessed Brian and Della seek the leadership and guidance of the Lord for situations, show honor to each other, have respect and a preferring of others in a variety of venues, in a sprit of wisdom, patience and gentleness. They model surrender to God and service to the Body of Christ. I am pleased to call them friends.
Marsha Belanger
Businesswoman, Vancouver, BC
Director, Listening Prayer Community

I first met Della 44 years ago at San Diego State Univ. where we shared many experiences in the School of Nursing and became lifelong friends. Della was influential and instrumental in my receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I have always respected her consistent character and integrity and her steadfast faith. She has continually served the Lord with all her heart, soul, mind and strength. She has a heart for serving families and children and is a most valuable resource. I have known Brian Headley ever since their wedding and highly respect his character. integrity, sincerity and love for the Lord as well. I wholeheartedly recommend them both in their roles as counselors, teachers, and speakers.
Diane Bradaric, RN, Masters in Nursing
Pastor's wife & Spiritual Growth Teacher, Anaheim, CA

I have been in relationship with Brian & Della Headly for about ten years. I wholeheartedly believe in them not only as friends but as Ministers of the Gospel and powerful people in the Kingdom of God. I have personally sought them out for wise counsel and healing for life's hurts. I have gone through a lot of the training schools that they have put on and have felt enriched by the experience. I have also seen a consistency in them that is from a heart that loves Jesus and loves His people.
Brian & Sue West
Pastor, Peachland, BC
Freshwind Ministries

I have known Brian and Della Headley for a number of years now and have seen them involved in their ministry I have great respect and trust in them and their ministry and can only say that I believe they are very credible and concientious in everything they do . Many people have been helped greatly by their ministry and I am certain many more will be in the future.
Tom Dixon
Retired pastor, P.A.O.C.

I have known Brian and Della Headley for more than twenty years. They have been mentors, friends and colleagues in ministry in a variety of settings. They are quality individuals who demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit, a high level of emotional and spiritual maturity and are aptly skilled to minister to the broken and needy of our culture. My family was in a crisis last year and they were the first people we turned to for prayer counselling. They listened with discerning ears and spoke with truthful words. I know them to be godly in nature and full of integrity in their ministry. In my work of congregational conflict management I have encountered many individuals that require sensitive hearing and healing. I have no hesitancy in recommending Brian and Della to those I encounter. Those who access their ministry have told me of their gratitude for the ministry they received from Brian and Della. They are a great resource to the Body of Christ.
Alan Simpson, BTh, MA
Director of Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Outreach Canada, Delta BC

I first met Della Headley in 2000 - as I attended the advanced Elijah House training in Vancouver. I was very impressed and blessed by the clear teaching and instruction that Della shared with us on issues such as Eating Disorders and Depression to name a few. From that time on, I knew in my heart that Della has been given a gift of deep understanding and care under the Holy Spirit's guidance, as to people's suffering and brokenness. In 2003, our service invited Della to come to Fort St. John where she facilitated over a span of a couple of months with Brad Jersak - LISTENING PRAYER - HOW TO TUNE INTO THE VOICE OF GOD and TRAINING FOR LISTENING TO JESUS FOR PERSONAL HEALING. This training was a tremendous blessing to our community I have recommended many of my clients to attend Listening Prayer Community for a weeks intensive of prayer ministry and Christ-centred healing with Della and Brian, individually. I have personally atended at least 6 of these intensives to co-support my clients and have found Della and Brian to be sensitive, caring and reliant on Jesus in their approach to minister under our Lord's guidance in helping these dear ones find freedom and wholeness in Christ. More recently - in April of this year - we hosted a HEARING THE HEARTS OF CHILDREN SEMINAR - at our local Christian School with over 80 people attending who were thoroughly blessed by the care and teaching that Della and Brad Jersak presented to equip us in better understanding the importance of validating children's feelings and needs and responding appropriately. On a more personal note, I would recommend Della and Brian to anyone - who is in need of healing and freedom in Christ - I have found them to be people of great integrity and care with deep understanding and respect of hurting hearts offering hope and healing through Jesus Christ our Wonderful Counsellor.
Kathleen E. Walker
Prayer Minister, Peace Country Renewal Ministries (prev., Burden Bearers), Ft. St. John, BC

Della Headley has ministered to me personally and to many of our leadership team. She has done so in such a loving and humble way with wisdom and discernment. At some of the most tender times, we’ve seen a shift in our thinking/responding as Holy Spirit brings wisdom and revelation to the most painful parts of our lives through listening prayer. I have recommended her ministry to many. Both Brian and Della’s discretion and kindness make them a safe place for leaders.
Darlene Unrau
Lead Pastor (along with her husband Kim), New Life Church, Kelowna, BC

I have known Brian and Della Headley since 1996 when I first received their teaching on the Elijah House material. Over the years I have made extensive use of the teaching that they imparted to me, both in counseling and in teaching others.
I have referred a good number of people to them for more intensive counseling and have been blessed by the reports coming back from those people about the Headley’s ministry.
I have seen Brian and Della minister to people with a great deal of integrity and with wisdom. They are both sensitive to people and to God. I highly recommend their ministry.
Gary Conolly
Director, Listening Prayer Community
Retired Mennonite Pastor

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